What To Expect At An Ultrasound Check During Pregnancy?

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Ultrasound tests are conducted in different medical conditions and in case of pregnancy; it is the main test that helps patients and doctors to understand the progress of a pregnancy. This category of ultrasound in pregnancy tests has a special significance and is conducted at different stages to determine the progress of development of the fetus in the womb of the mother.

What is the ultrasound test procedure?

In case of an obstetric ultrasound, the gynaecologist who looks after a pregnant woman will schedule the tests as per certain weeks of development of the fetus. It is a routine procedure that is part of prenatal care for pregnant women. In such a procedure, ultrasound imaging is done whereby sound waves of high frequency are bounced off the womb to create an image of the fetus. The technician usually prints out the images and help parents understand what is being seen on the images or on the screen. A transducer is used that emits waves and then responses are heard which help to generate the image. The image is generated as per changes in frequency and response time length. While most ultrasound tests usually provide still images, nowadays three dimensional images with more detail are also generated by superior technology. Click here for more info on gynaecologist Brisbane.

How is the procedure done?

The image is obtained at a fertility clinic of BNOG by coating the growing belly of the mother to be with a conductive gel. The transducer is then run over the gel coated region. In certain cases a transducer might be inserted into the vaginal canal in order to obtain a clearer image. This is also known as trans-vaginal ultrasound. This is a procedure that is done to check the contents of the uterus, in case the doctor feels that a closer checkup is required.

Benefits of pregnancy ultrasound tests

This is one of the crucial and safe tests that help assure pregnant women and their doctors about the progress of a pregnancy. It is a routine procedure that is scheduled which helps to assess the overall condition of a pregnant and understands how far it has progressed. It also helps to determine whether a fetus is developing as expected. In case there are any fetal abnormalities, it is detected by such a test. Often there develop problems like a detached placenta, which are detected by this test. There might develop complications where the fetus might be in distress or in case the pregnancy leads to a miscarriage or termination. All such problems are usually detected by this test and the doctor then takes steps accordingly. This is a safe test for pregnant women as it does not endanger their health or that of the growing fetus.